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Thank you for visiting my roadmap. On the Team Ghana EU podcast, episode 61, I said I would detail the roadmap in time. So here we are…

*The details of the NFTs have changed following the release of episode 67 (The Roadmap Part 1). So please take your time to read all the details*

If it’s your 1st time, whilst you’re here, take the time out to see the rest of the website which is filled with articles, podcasts, and activities that have taken place over the past 5 years.

As you may know, I Andrew am passionate about Ghanaian football and its future. Along the way, beginning in 2017, I made a decision to write a book about my journey as a ride hailing app driver. This all happened by chance—with one thing leading to another, as you’ll go onto find out in my book – OUT JAN 2023…

I can’t give it all away! But I have created a lot of content from the book for you to enjoy before it’s release.

Check out my YouTube page/playlist below. And check out my podcast for the book, ‘Hi, Andrew?! My Journey’, which is available on all major platforms, and via my website www.andrewmensahjr.com (click here)

‘Hi, Andrew?! My Journey’ is a story – A diary from 2017 to 2019, with the conclusion, the final chapter based on my life in 2020. The book primarily documents my experience as a driver of the frequently used ride-hailing apps…My life experiences, and why’s along my way.

I’ve been working on Team Ghana EU and projects around Ghana for about 5 years. From creating a London based Ghanaian team to Team Ghana EU – podcasts, articles, activities and fundraising. Pushing the conversation and envelope as to Ghanaian football.

I’ve been discussing the roadmap on this platform for a while, which you can hear some of the conversation here (below) and across the platform.

Having worked professional football for many years, and with the models out there. I’ve always believed Ghana’s time will come.

Our story and 5 year plan: After creating a lot of content between 2018 & 2020. In December 2020, with the support of some individual donors, including Brentford FC and The Retro Football Shirts Podcast, we were able to achieve some amazing things in providing kit to some local clubs. You can find more information and our campaign review in our 2 articles – article 1 (click here) and article 2 (click here).

For last year’s event – Ghana Aid (December ’21/January ’22), we raised over £1200 in our charity game. We collaborated with Tudu Mighty Jets, and were able to provide sports clothes and support the teams in New Town participating in tournaments this year.

In short space of time, we were able to develop the concept for Ghana Aid and get great numbers together for the event – the local community, the diaspora, and those visiting Ghana for the 1st time – to not only experience the beautiful Accra, but to play in a game infused with culture for a good cause.

Ghana Aid (in partnership Team Ghana EU) was created with the sole aim and purpose of supporting the local communities (in Ghana). But uniting the diaspora—the local community, and those visiting Ghana for a unique experience…An opportunity to contribute to a good cause.

The objective was to raise money to give grassroots sports the best possible start to 2022. 

For more info and review of our 2021/22 campaign, please see our articles – home is where the heart is (click here) 

Join us on the road to Accra – December 2022. Where we’ll be working with local and international partners with the aim of supporting the local community – with the objective to engage between 200-300 kids in sport & education.

The aim is to develop elite footballers, and create an environment in which both sporting and academically Ghanaians can flourish.

The idea is by 2025 to have begun the construction, or to  have bought facilities for an academy to support the aspirations of players – partnering with professional football clubs and educational governing bodies/companies for supporting pathways. The pathways being, increased opportunities to play in an elite environment via the support of education – education of our coaches and players.

Sport is a huge part of Ghanaian culture. And sport is playing an increasingly significant part in keeping boys and girls in education (in Ghana and abroad, as international students). We want to provide the tools to ensure that continues.

What, and how do we intend on doing this? 

We want to create a hub for Sport and Education. To create programs and initiatives to engage young Ghanaians. To create pathways with mentoring via sport and education.

 In the next 12-24 months, what would we like to achieve?

  • Have a Talent ID day(s) through a tournament w/education pathways – we would like to engage upto 200 players and coaches.
  • Provide scholarship opportunities
  • Mentoring/Education classes (for the players)
  • Talent ID/Coaching CPD with UEFA Qualified Coaches/Tutors

With better coaches increases the opportunities for better players: From an article written in 2019, it was reported, “Ghana have 150 CAF A Licensed coaches.”

In reference to our podcast w/Marçal Trulls in 2021 “Spain have approximately 2,769 Pro-licensed coaches. The most in Europe/the World.” That’s a difference of a 2,619 coaches. 

He pointed that as being the difference for their success. The improved and mass education/coaching of their players.  

  • In 2023 we would like to support local community and support Grassroots Football – donations, kit, competition, and pathways (sport and education).
  • Following the tournament, created a representative side for a games program with further opportunities. And going into the following season (2023/24 season) a development centre we be launched.
  • And with the foundation of the development centre. All roads will lead to the vision of 2025 – in building/buying facilities for a school/development centre.

How would we like to achieve it?

All the above is my story ONLY in part. The content for book, and the book itself will detail great stories on my travels, and life lessons.

I’m very passionate about ownership and partnerships—collaborating. For without this, it’s impossible to achieve great things. 


As a part of my book launch, I am releasing NFTs for people to be a part of my journey. All NFT holders will receive a copy of my book (an ebook which will be the NFT), as well as a plaque which will be set into the wall or flooring or the centre. The plaque with be engraved with the NFT number(s) which will symbolize your contribution to the project.

Until the centre is built, a single plaque with all the NFT numbers will be present at each of our events – displaying our appreciation for your support…All the above will be documented via our articles, podcast, and on YouTube.

Total NFTs: 3,333

NFT Price: 0.13 ETH

NFT Release Date: 4pm (GMT) 16th January 2023 

The NFT’s will be available via Opensea (click here). To find out more,  join our discord group (click here) with other riders and drivers where you will hear this information first—as well as riders and drivers sharing their funny, interesting, and amazing stories. Including tips and knowledge of the job.

From 2018 you have been a part of my and our journey in sharing and evolving the conversation on Ghanaian football – via YouTube, articles, podcasts, and being on the ground in Ghana. For the next 3-4 years I want to take these conversations to a level that has never been seen before, but hopefully inspire others to do the same.

For any questions or queries, message @andrewmensahjr @teamghanaeu via social media, or via email at teamghanaeu@gmail.com or info@houseofmensah.com.

Thank you for your support, and I look forward to you being a part of the continued journey on the 16th January 2023.

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