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This month our article is about partnerships. I felt a level of importance in regards to this subject. In developing a better understanding of how big business works, and why they’re successful. This rings true for friendships, family, and relationships.

The more you, your partner, your entity, and your family are in tune with the importance of relationships; the mechanics, and why they work well. The more successful you will be.

What is a partnership?

According to google. The definition of a partnership is

  1. The state of being a partner or partners. “we should go on working together in partnership
  2. An association of two or more people as partners. “an increase in partnerships with housing associations”

With associated words like collaboration.

An example of that would be. A company who develop houses, working with a local authority to provide affordable housing.

Why do partnerships work?

Not everything is simple. But simply put. Partnerships work because two or more people, or entities, agree to co-work together. A partnership is agreeing terms, with an aim and objectives in mind. They see what each other brings to the table and the value they add.

Successful partnerships. Or at least the ones we see frequently.

In name, there are different types of partnerships. Agreements such as employment, in association, sponsorships, and a working partnership.

Examples of successful partnerships. Modern day ones, would be market influencers. On social media. Where brands, small and big businesses choose to work with an influencer to endorsement of their product or service, and provide reach. It’s common in Football with shirts, and content. (With) Brands such as Beko sponsoring Barcelona. Who have worldwide audience on match day, and an Instagram following of 96.8m. It’s the same with football players. With players such as Paul Pogba commanding a reach of 44.3m on Instagram, and working with brand Iike Adidas. It’s no wonder clubs not only take into consideration the talent of player, but their reach. Their marketability. To increase the potential of revenue in a market.

Why we should see more partnerships in Ghanaian football?

There’s an incredible reach with black influencers. Entertainers, and those who educate. In business or otherwise. We have a great influence on fashion, sport, and entertainment.

It isn’t the case with these examples. But our influencers i.e. entertainers often have a larger following than our platforms. Maybe because people buy into people. This maybe the case across all groups and backgrounds. But such an influence is beneficial for education and growth.

The partnership with Asante Kotoko, will see Southampton support the development of Ghanaian giant’s strategy both on and off the pitch. Their academy, including commercial and operational development. Collaborating on key projects.

Some of the partnerships we we’ve seen in Ghana.

We’ve seen African and Ghanaian brands sponsor sports men and women and entertainers. And long may that continue! Providing reach in the continent and afar. In Football, the international partnerships we’ve seen in recent time are with the GFA and Spain, and Asante Kotoko and Southampton FC

The partnership with Asante Kotoko, will see Southampton support the development of Ghanaian giant’s strategy both on and off the pitch. Their academy, including commercial and operational development. Collaborating on key projects.

What is the future of Ghanaian football with partnerships?

As with the GFA & Spain, and Kotoko & Southampton. We’re demonstrating we’re in a position to collaborate with other organizations because we add value. The example I gave were of 2 European organizations. But is the same with respect to Ghanaian talent, businesses, and brands also/too.

We have a number of good organizations and talent that have incredible value.

We’re in a crucial point in the growth of our game and country. Where collaboration is important to continue that growth, and realize its potential.

It’s demonstrated in business where they collaborate to increase their reach and also their skill set. Their ability to deliver.

To conclude, I’d like leave you with some stats and information as to this year’s Champions League finalists (2021).

Chelsea’s partnerships and sponsors include – Nike, Theee, Beats by Dre, Plan International, Soccer Aid, Cadbury, Yokohama Tyres, Sure, Singha, Vitality Health Insurance, MSC Cruises, Carabao, Hublot, Millennium Hotels & Resorts, EA Sport, Hyundai, Levy Restaurants, and Fiserv.

And Manchester City’s partnerships and sponsors include – Puma, Etihad, Etisalat, Nissan, Visit Abu Dhabi, NEXEN Tire, SAP, Marathon Bet, Cisco, Wix, EA Sports, Unliver, Hays, Midea, Xylem, Gatorade, Qnet, UBtech, Techno, Wega, JNC, Dsquared2, Vejó, SeatGeek, Acronis, Melco, Citi Bank, Nestle, Khmer Beverages, Kaiwen, SHB, Heineken, Cadbury, Powerhouse, Star Beer, Healthpoint, PZ Cussons, Intel, Laybuy, Abu Dhabi Bank, and Capstone

Most of these partnerships were international brands. Providing extensive reach, product and services. But an experience in new markets. Countries from the UK to Abu Dhabi. And among these, sponsors like PZ Cussons & Star Beer who are Nigerian.

PZ Cussons have been City’s official personal care partner in Nigeria since 2015. As part of the deal, City aims to embed its brand within the Nigeria fanbase, with PZ Cussons providing on-pack promotion and club-themed personal care products.

And Star Beer. A Nigerian beer brand that has been City’s official beer partner in Nigeria since 2016. The deal sees Star promote the City brand across the country and offer City fans in Nigeria exclusive prizes such as match day experiences.

In order to move forward, grow, and increase our market potential, partnerships are the way forward.

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Written by Andrew Mensah-Twumasi @andrewmensahjr (IG/Twitter)


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