Our Services

Team Ghana EU is a platform which supports Ghanaian football. We provide a range of services to assist our clients in reaching their full potential which include the following:

We are dedicated in providing services to support the development of Ghanaian football. We produce tailored and measurable programmes/goals. In support of your development and management of your career and endeavours. (Please click here to download our Client Care PDF)

Coaching and Mentoring, providing guidance and an analytical approach to increase high performance. Advice and Consultation. Which maybe a query to collaborations, developing projects, and building relationships/partnerships. And Social Media. Integral in the 21st century.

Why social media is important? It was published in July 2020 that more than half of the globe uses social media. With an estimated 4.57 billion people around the world now using the internet. And of those users, 346 million new users have come online within the last 12 months. Social media plays a significant role in the engagement of sports fans around the world. Social media connects the club, players, and brands directly to the fans.

Our objective at Team Ghana EU is to improve the profile and brand of our clients with our bespoke social media care to amplify their identity.

Why you need a social media strategy? A social media strategy is important to best understand your audience, and behaviour. And, for your audience to understand you

Our unique advantage and identity is that we are able to provide a modern blend. Of both a West and African fusion. Which is at the core and foundation of the culture in entertainment.

Sport and entertainment is at the heart of our society. And social media is an extension of your identity and personality. And at Team Ghana EU, with our unique place in the market. We’re able to understand, tailor and deliver on your every need to your audience. Giving you the best opportunity to achieve your objectives.

Lets discuss your goals!! For more information or enquiries, please send us an email via teamghanaeu@gmail.com. Or via or contact us page. Or alternatively, you can book a consulatation (via clicking here)