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By February 11, 2022 Articles

Last year with the support of some individual donors, Brentford FC, and The Retro Football Shirts Podcast; we were able to achieve some amazing things in providing kit to some local clubs and children in the area of New Town, Accra. For more info and review of our 2020 campaign, please visit news and articles on our website.

For this year events – January 2022, we would thank everyone for their hard work and participation in our charity game, which raised over £1200.

Not only does this go towards resources in the community. But the work and efforts of everyone involved goes towards raising awareness for other needs in the cities and communities like Accra, Ghana  – this year our objective was to raise money to give grassroots sports the best possible start to 2022. 

In short space of time, we were able to develop the concept for Ghana Aid and get great numbers together for an event – the local community, the diaspora, and those visiting Ghana for the 1st time – to not only experience the beautiful Accra. But to play in a game of that nature, which was infused with culture for a good cause.

Thank you to everyone who was able to participate and donate. We were able to provide a number of sports clothes—to which your donations prior to the new year didn’t stop there! Your donations will support the teams in New Town participating in tournaments this year.And further clothes and sports wear will be sent out in the coming months.

We would also like to take the opportunity to thank Tudu Mighty Jets for their hospitality—and the opportunity to work alongside them share collectively our coaching ideas.

Home is where the heart is – The title is symbolic. Symbolic with the events of Ghana Aid in January. But also with Ghana’s results at the AFCON’s this year. We can deliberate as to every opportunity is a missed opportunity, but also one you can learn from – disappointment in previous tournaments, penalty shootouts and more. But more so, the events over the past 14 months have provided me with insight as to the importance of investment in the next generation – home is where the heart is!

Everyone maybe giving their all, or as much as they can physically to provide the best for the next generation. But without being cynical cynical of us all. With respect to living a life ourselves, it hasn’t been enough! Or we can do more and better. Across the board.

Africa is the new sexy!

Tourism in recent years in Ghana has been wonderful. And an example of what thinking out the box, and collaborative minds can achieve. Ghana has become the number 1 place to visit in Africa according to time magazine. Africa and Ghana has really become the new sexy! 

We’re etching closer to more of the diaspora being a part of the Black Stars. Which is a two way street by the way! For those reading or listening. Wanting to play for your country, and your country welcoming you with both arms.

And I say all that to say this, that collaboration in tourism – Ghana has become the number 1 place to visit in Africa according to time magazine. If replicated in other parts of our society – education, business, jobs, health; but specifically to the subject of football. The development  of football academies and institutions. Those 4 indicators can be reached. And in 10 – 15 years time we could be celebrating other sections of our society.

The AFCON’s has been refreshing. The pride in playing for your country has always been there. But somewhat renewed! The tournament lacked goals early on—not character. But the goals have now added some spice to a very colourful tournament.

At Ghana’s expense, I think we’ve seen great football. But an opportunity to other contributors to African football. To which will now have a final.

And just as we have a final in Senegal v Egypt – Sadio Mane v Mo Salah! We have a final in Ghana v Nigeria in the World Cup playoff. But just backtracking to Senegal v Egypt. I heard on talkSPORT, the winner of that could be in line to win the Balón D’or. I’ve never heard that before. Which is remarkable!

But to the black stars, there’s much to be decided before now and then – the playoff game. But there has been light speculation of Chris Hughton taking over the reigns as head coach. That would be a great appointment, and step forward.

All roads leads to Qatar, and hopefully home! Investment, and where the heart is.

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Written by Andrew Mensah-Twumasi @andrewmensahjr (IG/Twitter)



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