Muhammed Jimbah, born in London, England into a Ghanaian family, I lived with my grandmother from the age of one to four years old in the Newtown area of Accra, Ghana. Through this early foundation, my deep connection for the motherland was derived and I would return to Ghana every summer for the six week holiday period. No matter which country I was in, the commonality was football and by the age of eight I had fallen in love with the sport. On my return visits to Ghana, I would go to the local parks and play football with my cousins and local area kids, many of whom had no football equipment: socks, shin pads or footwear. Not wanting to standout I too would take off my equipment and play barefoot. It actually became natural and felt better sometimes. (Who am I kidding? I still have a few scars to show for it LOL) I played like this at least up until the age of 15 with the boys who by this time were displaying actual talent and true potential to turn pro and play as professionals. Still, this natural talent had a void, the inability to purchase and the lack of access to sports equipment left my friends at a disadvantage. Not to mention, malnutrition and access to clean drinking water loomed in many areas and further plagued these athletes. I just knew that this was something that had to change. Today, there is still a void, and we are funding grassroots sports that empowers ever growing talent, providing sports equipment, coaching, and community building – the foundation of the diaspora. This has now become my promise to change and help grassroots to be set up better in the earlier stages.
The mission – the larger goal
To fund grassroot sports and to offer a better standard of living by building water wells in rural areas.
How do we get funded
Thus far, Ghana Aid has hosted football games and charity nights to be able to fund cycles of giving. Personal donations from friends and family have been a key part of fundraising efforts. We are looking for financial and charitable support from the wider public, including organizations that are interested in giving back to the diaspora. If you are interested in making a donation, including sports equipment or water well donations, please contact
The need for funding 
Africa has talent in abundance. One of the major obstacles children or aspiring athletes face is poverty and the lack of resources, and sadly these include factors of malnutrition. We are committed to making sure that the current and future generations of children receive a much better start and standard of living.


In December 2020; with the help and support of some individual donors, Brentford FC, and The Retro Football Shirts Podcast; we were able to achieve some amazing things in providing kit to some local clubs. For more info and review of our 2020 campaign, please see our 2 articles – article 1 (click here) and article 2 (click here).

For this year events – January 2022, we would thank everyone for their hard work and participation in our charity game, which raised over £1200. For more info and review of our 2021/22 campaign, please see our articles – home is where the heart is (click here) 

Not only does this go towards resources in the community. But the work and efforts of everyone involved goes towards raising awareness for other needs in the cities and communities like Accra, Ghana. 

Ghana Aid was created (in 2021) with the sole aim and purpose of supporting the local communities (in Ghana). But uniting the diaspora—the local community, and those visiting Ghana for a unique experience…An opportunity to contribute to a good cause.

This year our objective was to raise money to give grassroots sports the best possible start to 2022. 

Join us on the road to Accra – December 2022. Where we’ll be working with local and international partners with the aim of supporting the local community – with the objective to engage upto 500 kids in sport & education.

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